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Immerse yourself in the world of urban fashion with our extensive collection of durags. From luxurious textures to silky patterns, our range offers a variety of choices to express your unique style. 

Whether you’re looking for an elegant satin durag or a bold printed design, our collection caters for all tastes and occasions.


You want to know more about the origin of durag? Then you’ve come to the right place! The durag is a fashion accessory that first appeared in the 1920s, primarily among men in African American communities. Durags were originally used by physical laborers to keep their hair in place while working. However, the durag quickly became popular in all communities and became a very popular fashion accessory. In the 1990s, the durag became an integral part of the cultural landscape of the United States and is now very popular around the world.

The durag has become a fashionable accessory. It is increasingly worn by celebrities and has become a real phenomenon. But where does it come from and what are its origins?

The durag has been around for decades, especially in African-American communities. It was used to straighten hair and protect hairstyles, but it was also a cultural marker and a sign of resistance to oppression. Today, the durag has become a fashion accessory and a centerpiece of the hip-hop aesthetic. It has even become a symbol of aesthetic experimentation and cultural diversity. The durag is therefore an iconic piece that has endured through the ages and remains a must-have accessory.

The durag, the fashion accessory of the moment, has been popularized across many cultures.

Today, it is worn by people from all walks of life. The durag can be found in the rap, hip hop and RnB communities as well as in the African-American and South African communities. It is mainly used to maintain the hair and keep the style chosen.

There are different styles of durag that are related to different cultures.

For example, the satin durag is commonly worn by the African American community in the United States. This type of durag is mainly associated with hip hop culture and music. Velvet durag is also popular, especially among African youth. It is usually used to hold hair and protect styled hair.


The durag is also worn by the South African community.


The South African durag is usually made of cotton and is worn by women to hold their hair. It is also worn by men to keep their hair short and to maintain their hair styles. The South African durag is also associated with hip hop culture and music.


The durag is a fashion accessory that is found in many cultures.


It is mainly used to hold the hair and maintain the chosen hairstyle. The different durag styles are associated with different cultures and are mainly used to hold the hair and protect the hairstyles.

Now you know when the durag first appeared, its different origins and how the durag fits into various cultures. Now it’s time to show you the different types of durags that exist on the market.

Satin Durags

Satin durags have become a must-have fashion accessory today. Fans of this product are particularly fond of them for their softness and comfort. Thanks to their versatility, these durags are also very popular for special occasions as well as for casual wear.

Their satin fabric is highly breathable and offers optimal protection from the sun, wind and cold. Their long length allows them to be wrapped around the head and easily adjusted for a better fit.

These durags are practical and available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. You can easily find the model that suits you best. Velour durags are also very easy to maintain and do not require regular washing.

All in all, velour durags are very practical and offer a stylish and modern look. They are also very comfortable and easy to wear and maintain. So don’t hesitate to adopt one to complete your look!

Silk durags

Silk durags are a very popular option for women and men who want to achieve a unique and distinguished look.

Made of high quality silk, these durags are very comfortable and offer optimal protection from harmful UV rays. Silk is a very soft material and offers excellent breathability and a pleasant feel on the skin.

Silk durags are available in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing people to choose a durag that fits them. They are also very durable and offer good protection against sunburn and weather.

In addition, silk durags are very easy to care for and clean, making them a great option for people who want to achieve a chic and distinguished look.

Velvet Durags

Velvet durags are a very popular variation that has appeared on the fashion scene in recent years. They are made of a soft, silky fabric that is designed to conform to the head and provide optimal protection and a customized fit.

Their versatility and trendy look make them a popular choice for those looking for protection from curly hair.

Velvet durags are available in a variety of colors and patterns that can be matched to any outfit. Not only do they offer the perfect combination of style and comfort, but they also protect your hair while keeping your style in place. With its smooth, soft texture, the velvet durags offer the most comfortable fit possible. Its adjustable back straps allow you to customize the seal so it stays secure all day.

The inner lining helps protect against loose hair and perspiration, making it an ideal choice for those with an active lifestyle. Finally, the luxurious velvet is stylish enough to be worn indoors or out for any occasion.

With its unique blend of features, benefits and advantages, a velvet durag offers an unbeatable fashionable look! Plus, they are very easy to maintain and are made of durable materials that can last for years if properly cared for.

Velvet durags are very popular with men and women of all ages and are a great way to keep hair in place while adding a stylish touch to your look. They are also great for yoga, meditation and other activities where you need a little extra protection for your hair. If you’re looking to protect your hair and add some style to your look, velvet durags are a perfect choice.

So now you know what types of durags there are. But how do you wear them in style? Here are some tips to help you find the look that suits you best.

Different ways to wear a durag

Looking for a way to wear a durag in style? Don’t worry, these days there are many ways to wear the durag and customize it. To help you find your style, we’ve listed the different ways to wear a durag.

The Classic Durag:

This is the simplest and most common way to wear a durag. You wear it like a classic cap, stretch it to hug your head and secure it with the ties.

The rolled-up durag:

This way of wearing a durag offers a looser, more relaxed look. To achieve this look, you roll up the sides of the durag and tie them in the back. You can also wear it with a bandana or scarf for added style.

The upside down durag:

To achieve this look, you need to wear the durag backwards so that the ties are in the back. You can wear it with a bandana or scarf for extra style.

The upside down and rolled up durag:

This look combines the previous two looks. You need to wear the durag upside down and roll up the sides to achieve this look. You can also wear it with a bandana or a scarf for more style.

As you can see, there are many ways to wear a durag and customize it. So you can find the look that suits you best and wear it with style and confidence!

The different colors of durag

Wondering what colors would make your durag stand out? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Durags are available in a variety of colors. The most popular colors are black, white, red and blue.

Black is a very popular color because it is elegant and timeless. It is perfect for any occasion and is easy to match with almost any look.

White is also very popular because it is very easy to match. It is perfect for more casual looks and is a good option for those looking for a simpler look.

Red is a very bright and dramatic color. It is perfect for those who want to stand out and add a pop of color to their look.

Blue is soothing, but it can also represent a sense of loyalty, dependability and trustworthiness. When used in product design, blue helps create a sense of confidence in customers that their choice is reliable. In addition, blue blends well with other colors to create an attractive and vibrant palette that stands out in any environment.

Other popular colors for durags include gray, brown, pink, purple and yellow. Each of these colors can add a unique touch to your look and will make you stand out.

No matter what look you are going for, you are sure to find a durag that suits your taste. There is a wide range of colors and styles available so you can find the perfect durag for your look.

The bright colors and unique designs make colored durags a great choice for anyone looking to add personality to their wardrobe.

So you can choose from blackwhiteredbluegraybrownpinkpurple and yellow durags to complement your style and add a unique touch to your look.

Want to accessorize your durag with style? Discover our practical advice to accessorize a durag and wear it with elegance.

First of all, choose jewelry in harmony with the durag. Take the time to choose the right jewelry to accessorize your durag. The jewelry should match the color and shape of the durag. For example, you can opt for fine and colorful jewelry that will highlight your durag.

Next, opt for original and trendy fashion accessories. For a unique and trendy look, opt for fashion accessories that will complement your durag. For example, you can wear sunglasses, a scarf or choker, a headband or a bandana. Finally, dress up your durag with the right clothes.

This item is suitable for all styles. Here are some useful tips to enhance your look with this stylish item.

Basic design

Wear your durag with a white t-shirt, wide-leg pants and sneakers for a more formal look. You can complement it with modest and tasteful jewelry. The durag can also be worn over a pair of slacks, a t-shirt (tucked into pants) and a pair of sneakers. You can match your socks to the color of your durag.

Finally, avoid combining the durag with the jogging style. Since the 1990s, these codes are obsolete.

Hip-hop fashion

The durag and hip-hop are inextricably linked. This accessory is, in fact, the symbol of the advent of hip-hop culture in the 1990s. For many years, various rap icons have worn it with pride: 50 Cent, Jay Z, Snoop Dogg… Famous rappers of the new generation, such as Ski Mask the Slump God, continue to wear it…

If you like this look, pair your durag with clothes that are characteristic of hip-hop culture, such as very wide, colorful pants and disproportionate sneakers. Don’t be afraid to experiment with dazzling durags to flesh out your look.

Luxury fashion

The durag can also be dressed up. You can use it with modern urban clothing made from noble materials like corduroy or pleated linen, for example. Durags in not too bright colors, ideally pastels, are ideal for this look.

Now you know which durag to choose based on your clothing preferences. Whichever one you choose, make sure to tie it tightly for a nice effect. The key is to find a style that suits you.

Stand in front of a mirror to get a good view of the finished product while wearing your durag. You can choose between the three techniques listed below.

The traditional technique

To tie your durag using the traditional technique, first locate the center seam of the fabric. The fabric will then be placed on your head according to this seam. The seam should be in the center of your head, on the same line as your nose.

The front edges of the fabric should be placed between your eyebrows and your hairline, making sure your hairline is covered. This will strengthen the hold of the durag. Once the first step is complete, take the strings in each hand and pull them over your ears to the back of your head, crossing them in an X shape. Then bring them back to the level of your nose.

Then bring them back to your forehead, forming an X, before turning them over and tying them. It is essential to keep the strips level during the procedure so that they do not curl. This will ensure a truly aesthetic finish.

The side procedure

The side approach is also popular for connecting the durag. With one exception, the procedure is almost identical to the one just described.

In fact, once you’ve reached the X-crossing stage at the forehead, you can tie the strings together on any side of the face instead of pulling them back. The knot will then be easily visible.

The front method

Others prefer to tie their durag at the forehead. If this is the case, use the same procedure as for the side method, but instead of tying the cords on the side of the face, tie them on the forehead. As for the knot, you are allowed to experiment with different styles depending on your taste.

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