How to get 360 waves

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Firstly what’s 360 waves ?

Black males have been sporting the 360 Waves haircut for decades. The circular wave pattern that develops and spirals out gives this hairdo its name. If you have really short, curly hair that starts at the root, you can definitely pull this style off if you have the patience—and a few essential equipment.

Men with natural hair often sport the 360 Waves hairdo. Short hair is brushed continuously to create ripples that create a wave pattern throughout the hair, giving the appearance.

Things you’ll need

  • Healthy hair
  • Shampoo and conditioner adapted for waves
  • a Durag
  • Hairbrush
  • Hydrating lotion
Durag waves 360

1. Get your hair ready

Preparing your hair is crucial if you want your brushand get the best results, so make sure to take care of the following steps before you start.

You need to make sure your hair and scalp are in excellent condition if you want to achieve 360-degree waves because a without healthy scalp you will not get waves. Before beginning, you should take care of any problems like dandruff or a dry scalp. Numerous over-the-counter scalp shampoos can aid in solving these issues.

  • Make sure that your scalp and hair are healthy. The type of hair is less important, but the easier it is to generate waves the more prone your hair is to curling.
  • If your hair is long enough to get curls, your hair will be long enough for waves. To encourage excellent, long hair growth, make sure your hair is healthy.
  • Again, you have to use a specific scalp wash to treat any scalp issues you may have, including dandruff, before attempting waves.
  • Frequently moisturize. Leaving your hair being dry does not allow it to be trained. So wet/dry memory is a thing that get your hair to allowing it to be able to do what it needs to give you the waves pattern.

Purchase a few things. From from point on, you’ll be taking care of your hair every day, which demands instruments. You might want to buy the following items:

  • A man’s hand brush.  This refers to a brush without a handle made specifically for combed through long hair . It is adapted for beginners because t his kind of brush gives you the necessary control, 
  • Shampoo and conditioner for waves. This will give your hair softness to train them easily. Normal conditioner will work if you don’t have wave conditioner.
  • Now you will apply your hair cream on them  Other hair lotions may also be effective.
  • Pomade. It  will help for your waves’ formation.
  • Durag or stocking cap made of satin or silk. Your du-rag should snugly fit over your head. This is required to secure the hair and protect it while you sleep.
waves shampoo

2. The Wash & Style Approach 

  • Use wave shampoo to wash your hair. There are commercial shampoos on the market designed especially for males who want to achieve wave styles. You can use regular shampoo or even soap if you don’t want to use wave shampoo. It is possible to get waves without using a specific shampoo.
  • Create a brushing regimen. After washing and conditioning your hair in the shower and stepping out, apply a small amount of lotion or pomade to your hair and brush it outward from the top of your head.
  • Additionally, you should brush the top of your head in the direction of your eyes and the sides of your face in the direction of your chin.
  • Brush the hair on the back of your head down and toward your neck beginning at the crown. Imagine that your head’s crown contains a tiny circle.
  • Brush the hairline radially outward while going around the circle in a clockwise direction.
  • Brush uniformly. Many people claim that the waves in the back are absent. That indicates that the back of your hair needs to be brushed more frequently. Check the back area in a mirror to make sure it is styled the way you desire. At the back of the head, where natural curls are typically strongest, extra care may be required.
  • After brushing your hair, apply the du-rag. This will aid in stabilizing the wave. Ensure that it is snug but not too snug. At least 30 minutes should pass with the du-rag still on your head. 
  • Before going to bed, don’t forget to put the durag on to help the formation of waves.
waves haircut

3. Keeping your waves up

Be willing to commit.

  • Training your hair is the key to getting the results you want, and it takes regular work. Knowing that there is a commitment involved in learning how to get 360 waves is the most important step. You won’t be able to achieve the results you want unless you’re prepared to devote a significant amount of time to your hair.
  • Maintain your haircuts. Keep in mind to get your hair cut at least every two to four weeks, but leave enough length for curls to form.
  • Don’t dry it out. The key to gorgeous waves is to keep your hair moisturized.
  • Put on a silk durag and then brush your hair. This shields your hair from nighttime rubbing across the pillow.
  • The frequency : at least three times a day, brush your hair at least four times on each side. Your hair will be teased into place with a brush.
  • While you are creating your 360-degree waves, rinse rather than wash your hair. Rinse your hair with warm water to help make it more flexible. Weekly hair washings with wave shampoo and conditioner are recommended.

It’s possible that you need to brush more if you’re having problems catching the waves.

If you’re interested in a video instruction, we suggest clicking on this link to watch our recommendations in action.