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I remember the first time I wore a durag. I was 11 years old and my uncle had just given me one as a gift. I didn’t know how to tie it at first, but he showed me how to do it and I quickly figured out the technique.

I loved the way it made me feel; like I had a secret power, I thought I was my favorite rapper when I listened to his album.

Now, as an adult, I still wear durags very often. They make me feel confident and stylish.

But more importantly, they make me feel connected to my culture and community. When I see someone else wearing a durag, I know we share something special.

durag dreadlocks

The origins of Durag-waves

I wanted to create a product that would make people feel good about themselves and help them connect with their culture.

I was tired of durags everywhere that did nothing to keep my hair healthy and moisturized. I wanted to find a product that would not only style my hair, but also protect it from everyday elements.

That’s why I created Durag-waves for men because we were tired of watching our brothers, fathers and uncles struggle to keep their hair in place.

I watched them tie bandanas and scarves, but nothing really seemed to work, they would end up with their dreadlocks in shambles at the end of the day. I decided to sell a product that would actually help keep their hair in place.

velvet durag

An original style

We wanted to offer a product that would make them comfortable and stylish. We know that durags are often considered a necessity for many men’s waves, but we wanted something that was more than just functional.

We wanted to create something that would make men feel good about themselves and help them express their own unique style.

For some people training and maintaining waves can be a difficult ordeal and we want to accompany you in your quest for the most beautiful haircut.

A quality product at the best price

When we set out to find the perfect durag, we knew it had to be made from the highest quality materials at the lowest possible retail price.

We also wanted it to be comfortable enough to wear all day and stylish enough to wear at night, in the evening or at bedtime. After months of searching for suppliers, we finally created the perfect catalog over the seasons.

The durag that takes you through the seasons

For the spring-summer period, we offer satin and silk durags. With the heat your hair and skin can dry out quickly. Our products protect from the sun and its harmful rays while helping to retain moisture to keep your scalp strong and elastic.

When the weather turns cooler in September for the fall/winter season our velvet durags will be your fashion accessory par excellence and your main asset to protect your waves from the bad weather.

Our durags are more than just fabrics, they are a catalog of products with a variety of colors (whether you like white, black, red or pink durags) for different styles and different men.

purple durag

A real fashion accessory

They will accompany you in your workouts or your parties and will express your original style and who knows, you may be the next muse of Dior, Louis Vitton or Gucci!

We hope our durags will help men feel confident and stylish, and we are proud to offer them at an affordable price.

Satin and silk were created to help people feel more comfortable in their skin. We wanted to create a product that would make people feel beautiful, confident and sexy.

Premium quality durags

We believe everyone deserves to feel like the best version of themselves. And we know that satin and silk can help people do just that. Whether it’s for a special occasion or simply because we want people to feel valued when they put on our products.